Fleet Management Solution

Creative Techniques vehicle tracking is committed towards providing the highest quality of telematics solutions to all the commercial vehicles. The biggest challenge which every commercial vehicle owner faces is how to increase the current productivity and efficiency of their drivers and vehicles. We not only help such companies to increase their profitability but also enhances their driver and vehicle’s security.

We help Transporters and Logistics Companies reduce the daily operational costs by keeping a close watch on the some very important parameters like fuel, maintenance cycle, Over Speeding, unauthorized usages and driver driving behavior. Our Application ensures to provide highest quality of services to the clients of such companies by timely and safe deliveries of goods or passengers. Our hardware is so rugged and small which can be used in any weather conditions fitted at a virtually undetectable location in the vehicle. We provide tamper proof IP67 casing hardware which makes it not only dust-proof but water-proof as well. We provide all the required MIS reports for the vehicles fitted with our GPS units. Our reports can be generated in many formats like Web, Chart, Map, Excel and PDF.

Creative Techniques Vehicle Tracking’s fleet management solutions help businesses reduce operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency of on-field vehicles. We guarantee to increase business with higher profits and rapid returns on investment.

Solutions offered to the Corporate:

  • Real Time Location Tracking for timely deliveries
  • Real Time Speed and AC Information
  • Driver Identification System
  • Geo-Fencing of Restricted Zones
  • Alerts through Email & SMS
  • Driver Behavior Reports
  • Customized Route Settings for Drivers
  • Panic Button Alerts
  • Alerts on the delays in delivery
  • Employee Pick up & Drop Route Planning
  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts at the regular intervals
  • Exhaustive Summarized Reports of the Vehicle
  • Remote Immobilization feature
  • Personalized Location Settings
  • Online Payments
  • 100% Uptime with our cloud servers
  • User Friendly Application
  • Handy Mobile Apps Available
  • Multiple Map options

Bike Tracking Solution

Are you a Business Owner or Sales Head of any organization who wants to increase the productivity of his/her on-field sales team?

Creative Techniques Vehicle Tracking has now become the only company in India who is providing successful Bike Tracking System. We help companies to keep a track on the movement of their respective Sales officers. The biggest challenge which the sales department of different companies faces is knowing the whereabouts of their sales officers at any given point of time. Now, Creative Techniques Vehicle Tracking can not only resolve this challenge; however, we also guarantee to double the monthly sales revenue. The reason why we guarantee the increase in sales revenue is that our Bike tracking system will ensure the better time management of your sales team. The very simple logic behind this increase in Sales Revenue is that as soon as we start tracking the sales team, they will be on their toes to meet more and more prospects which will increase their personal productivity and an increase in productivity will definitely ramp up the Sales Revenue.

Bike Tracking System not only tracks the real-time location of the bikes, also it generates the distance traveled reports which makes the claim settlement easier for the accounts team. Even company will also get to know the other reports like Stoppage reports which will help them in analyzing the number of meeting done by the sales officers in any particular month. Tele-Sales team can point out the nearest bike from any prospected meeting point to dedicate a Sales Officer to that point for a meeting with the prospect without any hassles of making a series of phone calls.

Bike Tracking System is again a very useful solution for the food chain companies like McDonald, Pizza Hut, Dominos where there is a big number of home deliveries happening on a daily basis. By using our services, they can ensure a timely delivery to their esteemed clients which will in turn increase their client satisfaction and further sales. Also, with our system installed, productivity of these delivery boys will be increased which will help such companies to decrease their delivery force.

Solutions Offered:

  • Real-Time Tracking of all the Bikes
  • Easy Claim Settlement
  • Exhaustive Movement / Trip Summary
  • Route /Stoppage Reports
  • Geo-Fencing for Sales in his/her designated area only
  • Timely Delivery

Solution Ideal For:

  • FMCG Companies : Sales Team
  • Pharmaceutical Companies : Medical Representative
  • Telecom Industry: Sales Team, Collections Team & Site Engineers Team
  • Banking Sector: Sales Team & Collections Team
  • Electronics Sector: Sales Team & Site Engineers Team
  • Police Bikes
  • Automobile Dealers: Test Drive Bikes

Individual Car Tracking Solution

Do you own a Car? Do you feel scared when you park your car outside on the main road with little or no Security?

Creative Techniques Vehicle Tracking provides India’s most robust Anti Theft Immobilization system for Individual Car owners. Our unique selling point whicle installation of immobilization is that we strictly do not cut wires of your car. We always follow the guidelines set by International Automobiles Association for the installation of tracking device. We always use scotch locks and original thimbles manufactured by 3M (spare parts approved by all the automobile OEMs) keeping the warranty instructions in mind while installation.

According to NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau), on an average every year nearly 2,50,000 vehicles are stolen. However, we have assured the 100% recovery rate with the help of our tracking system. We not only offers the web based tracking account on our secured servers; however, we also offer handy mobile apps for tracking your vehicles from anywhere round the globe. Our customers can immobilize their vehicles in just 3 seconds from anywhere by just sending one command from our mobile app or by one SMS.

We totally trust our drivers and we know that they are honest employees. However, it is a bitter truth that not all of them are honest or trustworthy. In metropolitan cities, drivers pick up local passengers for quick earning which is a very risky activity. Also, drivers misuse our cars for their personal works like extra mileage run while dropping his friends or offering a driving lesson to his known or relatives. Also, our family is travelling all the time with such drivers which is again not a very safe idea. Therefore, we must keep a track on our drivers all the time and make sure they do not misuse the vehicles.

Also, being good and responsible parents, it is our humble duty to keep a track on our growing teenagers. Independence to our children is always good but restriction is always advisable. Therefore, such car tracking systems always adds to the relief of the parents about the concerns of safety and security of their teenagers.

We also providing over speeding and geo-fence alerts which adds more value to the security features of our tracking system.

Personal Tracking Solution

Do you get worried about the whereabouts of your children or elderly parents?

We provide not only the real-time location of vehicles; however, we also provide the real-time location of your family members. We have specific designed hardware for providing the location details of the kids, elderly people and even pets. These hardware comes with inbuilt battery with a back up of upto 12 hours. These devices are very small which can placed inside the school bags or the pockets even. Also, for pets, these devices be will be tied on their necks as a belt.

Our Personal tracking solutions are very beneficial for tracking the real-time locations of the employees. Specifically jewelers can put our device in their briefcases containing cash or precious items, so that they can hand over the brief case to any of their employees without any tension.

Our Personal Trackers are very compact in size and weight; therefore, they are very easy to carry. Users can immediately send alerts in the form of text message at the time of emergency or help required. Geo-Fencing feature keeps a restriction on the children and elders to be within a pre- defined perimeter set as safe zone by the parents or family members. Nowadays, personal trackers are also coming in the form of watches, key chains and wrist bands.